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Vertical combustion apparatus CZF - 5 levels

Vertical combustion apparatus CZF - 5 levels


Vertical combustion apparatus CZF - 5 levels
Product synopsis:
CZF - 5 levels of vertical burning apparatus is according to the standard ANSI/UL94, IEC60950-1, IEC695-2-2, GB/T2408-2008 and developed, fully meet the national standard GB/T2408 rules of technical requirements.Can be in the same instrument plastic horizontal and vertical combustion test of the two methods.
Equipment stipulated in the laboratory on the horizontal and vertical direction after placed the style with a small flame fire lit, determine the combustion speed, style and flameless combustion time with flame combustion.
Second, the scope and standards
Design: national standard GB - T2408-2008 "plastic combustion performance test - horizontal and vertical method applicable standards: UL94-2006 - T 5455, GB, GB - T13488, GB - T5169, IEC60695-11-3, IEC60695-11-4, IEC60950, IEC695-2-2-1
CZF - 5 levels of vertical combustion apparatus working conditions
1. Ambient temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃
2. The relative humidity: 85% or less
3. The power supply voltage and power: 220 v + 10% for 50 hz power 150 w
Three, technical parameters
Burner: inner diameter 9.5 mm + 0.3 mm Φ single gas and Φ 9.5 mm + / - 0.5 mm inner diameter Bunsen burner.
2. The Bunsen burner with an air conditioning nut, which is used to adjust the blue flame height.
3. Automatic Bunsen burner ignition time: set arbitrary.
4. The burner test Angle: 0 ~ 45 ° adjustable, can be between 0 ~ 45 ° every 5 ° fixed and switch back and forth.
5. The flame height: 20 mm + 2 mm to 100 mm + 10 mm is adjustable.
6. Low-end Bunsen burner by motor fast moving into patterns.Finished ShiYan Bunsen burner will automatically return.
7. The Bunsen burner ShiYan time: 0 ~ 999.9 S + 0.1 S adjustable, interval set arbitrary, flame adjustment 20 ~ 175 mm can be adjusted.
8. The residual flame time: 0 ~ 999.9 S + 0.1 S adjustable, instrument record, pause manually.
More than 9. Burning time: 0 ~ 999.9 S + 0.1 S adjustable, instrument record, pause manually.
10. Test source using 98% methane, gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
11. The methane flow rate of 105 ml/min - 1000 ml/min is adjustable.
12. The gas piping is equipped with electronic switch, test end closure on the front panel switch to cut off the gas source gas.The Bunsen burner out automatically.
13. The combustion housing: 0.75 cubic meters, black background, background illumination acuities were 20 lux
14. The style rack up and down or so were greater than 300 mm above.The style the horizontal and vertical are adjustment driven by servo motor and the distance of the flame.
15. Test chamber at the top of the fan, end of the test, can discharge toxic substances.
16. The test process of automatic control, independent convulsions.