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WJR - 200 am oxidation induction time testing machine ???

WJR - 200 am oxidation induction time testing machine ???


WJR - 200 am oxidation induction time testing machine         
Product introduction:
Oxidation induction time machine is under program control temperature, the material oxidation induction time of professional equipment, is a professional instrument measuring pipe oxidation induction period.Can automatically record pipe, material at a constant speed in nitrogen atmosphere heating style and the reference material, when reached the specified temperature, switch to the same velocity of oxygen atmosphere.After sample at the temperature constant temperature until the show on curve of thermal oxidation reaction.Starting from the oxygen flow into the moment, oxidizing reaction to the time interval, both for the oxidation induction period.Instrument can automatically record the oxidation induction period, temperature, time curve can also be measured between the substance and reference substance temperature difference and temperature.Automatic record description between the sample and reference temperature (delta T) along with the change of temperature or time.Can also detect phase transition, melt, the change of crystalline structure, boiling, distillation, evaporation and dehydrogenation reaction, fracture or decomposition reaction, oxidation and reduction reaction, the destruction of the lattice structure and other chemical reactions.
Technical parameters:
Scope: 1. The temperature at room temperature to 1150 ℃
2. The scope of range: 0 ~ + 2000 mu for V
3. DTA accuracy: + / - 0.1 mu V
4. The heating rate: 1 ~ 60 ℃ / min
5. The temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃
6. The temperature accuracy: plus or minus 0.1 ℃
7. Temperature repeatability: plus or minus 0.1 ℃
8. Temperature control: warming: process control can be according to the need for parameter adjustment
Cooling: air cooling process control * optional semiconductor cooling system, liquid nitrogen cooling system, etc
Constant temperature: set arbitrary program control constant temperature time
9. Furnace body structure, furnace adopts open type structure, instead of the traditional lifting furnace, high precision, easy to operate
10. The atmosphere control: (optional) gas flowmeter, atmosphere conversion device
11. A data interface: RS - 232 serial port communication supporting data and operating software
12. The host shows that: Chinese character screen LCD white characters on a blue background
13. Parameter standard: standard, the user can for temperature calibration
14. Base adjustment: the user can be adjusted through the baseline of the slope and intercept to the baseline
15. Working power supply: AC 220 v, 50 hz

The instrument features
1, specially designed for measuring the oxidation induction period design plastic, rubber industry, machine integration, reducing the loss of signal, reduce the interference.
2, sample above the instruments, easy to operate.
3, miniaturization, heating furnace, reducing thermal inertia, the samples from room temperature can guarantee to linear temperature, constant temperature control more accurate.
Two road 4, perfect atmosphere control system, the mass flow controller.Measurement process, nitrogen, oxygen, automatic switching.
5, user using standard sample temperature, constant temperature coefficient of correction can be performed, reduce the error.
6, can automatically detect the oxidation induction period data and automatically generated curve.
7, can automatically make a tangent, intersection and can directly get the actual time of the intersection to the nitrogen oxygen switch.
8, instrument can automatically generate oxidation induction period experiment report.
9, large screen LCD, real-time display of the instrument condition and data, two sets of temperature measuring thermocouple, a set of galvanic real-time display temperature (regardless of the heating furnace work or not) another set of galvanic couple sample temperature display work.
10, user gives a calculation formula and calculation method, our factory can provide the corresponding software development products.
11, instrument has the function of remote operation and maintenance, calibration (via the Internet to remote operation instrument).