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XGH microcomputer control ring stiffness testing machine

XGH microcomputer control ring stiffness testing machine


XGH microcomputer control ring stiffness testing machine
Product introduction:
XGW series microcomputer control ring stiffness testing machine adopts mechanical load, continuous electronic measurement, digital speed control, application of miniature single-chip microcomputer real-time control.Is widely applied in a circular cross section of the determination of thermoplastic pipe and glass steel ring stiffness, meet arms bellows, winding pipe and all kinds of PE pipe standards.The machine to test force, displacement, speed, and at the same time digital display, and the test force peak value holding function.Suitable for plastic pipe material ring soft, ring stiffness, flat, weld tensile and pipe material creep rate and test.And has all the functions of the electronic universal testing machine, may make such as tensile, compression, bending test.Is industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities and colleges, the commodity inspection arbitration, technical supervision departments such as the ideal testing equipment.
Two features:
1, the closed loop control: the panasonic motor and servo system, high performance speed control system to realize closed-loop test speed, automatic control;
2, software system: using the Windows xp platform in Chinese man-machine dialogue operation, simple operation, accurate data;Open software, can according to customers' personalized requirements, issued by the different reports and parameters.
3, the experimental data and curves can be stored, analyzed, print, and read: through computer, automatically calculate the maximum test force, tensile strength, yield strength, tensile strength, bending deflection, parameters such as elastic modulus, elongation, and the test results automatically stored;
4, a variety of experimental curve can be drawn: force - elongation, elongation, stress and time, force - time - time and curve and curve local amplification, analysis and multiple sample curve superposition can use different color, contrast, and other functions.
5, complete security protection function: possess tensile sample, overload, over current, automatic stop crash testing machine and so on the many kinds of protection function:
6, with inner diameter measurement system, can accurately measure the light wall tube and corrugated pipe diameter deformation
7 by using PC and single chip microcomputer system two kinds of control mode, as well as system by single-chip microcomputer control alone, can also be connected to the PC using, realize the powerful data processing, analysis, curve tracking, database management, and other functions
8 automatic back to zero, the test end and returns the automatic parking, improve the efficiency of the experiment, set (independent)
Automatic reset: master computer been instructed trial begins, the measurement system will reset automatically.
10 automatic shift: according to the load size automatically switch to the appropriate range.To ensure measurement accuracy.
Three standard
GB/T 9647-2003 the determination of thermoplastic pipe ring stiffness
GB/T 18477-2001 underground drainage pvc-u double-wall corrugated pipe
GB/T 16800-1997 drainage with core layer foamed pvc-u pipes
GB/T1947 buried with polyethylene structure wall pipeline system
GB/T 165-2002, high density polyethylene pipe winding wall structure
GB/T 838-1998 glass fiber winding reinforced thermosetting resin sand inclusion pressure tube
GB/T16491, GB/T5836, etc. The provisions of the standard
ISO 9697, ISO 9969, ASTM D 9969
Four, the main technical parameters:
1 the maximum load;10 kn 20 kn 30 kn 50 kn

Effective compression space: 2 0 0 0-1500 mm - 1000 mm - 2000 mm.
3 load measurement accuracy level;Level 1
4 a strength display resolution: 0.1 N
5 deformation display resolution: 0.02 mm
6 displacement display resolution: 0.001 mm
Speed range: 0.1 to 500 mm/min
Eight diameter measurement system measuring range: 300-2000 mm
Power supply: ac 220 v + 10% for 50 hz 1.5 kW
10 appearance size: 1400 * 800 * 800 mm (length X width X height)
11 the weight: 480 kg