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carbon black content tester.

carbon black content tester.


carbon black content tester.

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carbon black content tester is suitable for the determination of polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene plastics, cable and cable insulation, sheath materials, and carbon black content in rubber.

Conforms to GB GBT 3515-2005, GBT 13021-1991, GB/t2951.41-2008, iec60811-4-1:2004.

The high temperature pyrolysis of a certain amount of samples in the nitrogen flow is obtained by analyzing the weight of the samples after pyrolysis.

Technical characteristics

1. 220mm long heating zone, can make three samples at the same time.

2. 7-inch industrial grade microcomputer widescreen touch structure, display information rich, including setting temperature, sample temperature, oxygen flow, nitrogen flow, various switch status.

3. Equipped with advanced digital gas flowmeter, the two gas automatic fast switch, stable time is short.

4. Optimized heating furnace body, stable performance and reliable quality.

5. Automatic memory storage function, users need only one key to start.

6. Automatic ventilation, heating and constant temperature timing of the program. After the process is finished, the buzzer alarm will be prompted, and no personnel should be supervised.

7. Can set up as many as 20 temperature program segments, heating, constant temperature, cooling and other arbitrary Settings.

8. The program can set automatic mode and manual mode, which is flexible and convenient.

9. The quartz tube can be pulled out when cooling, so that the test sample can be cooled rapidly.

10. Optional fast cooling device.

11. The instrument can communicate via USB and computer to realize remote monitoring (optional).

Technical parameters

1, temperature range: at room temperature to 1100 ℃

2, the heating rate: 0.1 ~ 40 ℃ / min

3, temperature resolution: 0.01 ℃

4, temperature fluctuations, plus or minus 0.2 ℃

5. Temperature control mode: heating, constant temperature, cooling and circulation (automatic control of the whole program)

6. Atmosphere control: digital gas flowmeter, automatic switch of instrument.

7. Gas flow: 0 ~ 300mL/min or 0 ~ 2000mL/min.

8. Gas pressure: 0.2mpa.

9. Display mode: 24bit color, 7-inch LCD touch screen display.

10. Quartz tube: length 440mm, inner diameter 32mm.

11. Heating zone: length 220mm.

12. Shi yingzhou: the length is 50mm or 75mm.