Product Detail
WJFN-HA carbon black dispersion detector.

WJFN-HA carbon black dispersion detector.


Wjfn-ha carbon black dispersion tester

Wjfn-ha carbon black dispersion tester is an instrument for the dispersion of pigments or carbon black in polyolefin pipes, pipe fittings and mixed ingredients according to international standards GB / T 18251-2019 and GB / t2951.41-2008. The instrument adapts to the software of wjfn-ha and the microscope of three eyes. It can measure the size, shape and dispersion of carbon black particles.

Technical features

1. Microscope HD camera.

2. Equipped with micrometer scale, convenient and efficient pixel size calibration.

3. Click the particle image to display the particle shape parameters.

4. The software supports the segmentation of selected carbon black particles, which facilitates the segmentation of two conjoined carbon black particles or clusters

5. The software supports deleting selected carbon black particles.

6. The software can set 70 times or 100 times magnification to test different materials.

7. USB2.0 data interface is adopted, which has stronger compatibility with microcomputer. The instrument is separated from the computer and can be equipped with any computer with USB interface.

8. Automatically generate PDF report, which displays image and particle level information of each particle image.

9. Users can change the PDF report header logo by themselves.

10. Support the export of single particle image.

11. The software adapts to various operating systems, such as XP \ win7 \ win8 \ win10, etc., and the software adapts to various resolution computers.

12. The output data of the measurement results is rich and stored in the database. It can input any parameters, such as the name of the operator, the name of the sample, the date, the time, etc. for call analysis.

13. The instrument is beautiful in shape, small in size and light in weight.

14. High accuracy, good repeatability and short measuring time.

15. Optional with slicer.

technical parameter

1. Detection range 0.5um-25px

2 microscope HD camera

3. Sample aperture 4mm

4. Optical magnification 100 times

5. Image size: 1024 * 768 or 2048 * 1368 pixels

6. Instrument working power supply 220V / 2A / 50Hz